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Single-File Templates

Single-file exports might require a few changes to the default configuration, depending on your needs, as described in the single-file configuration. You can read more about item and note placeholders in the next section.

Templates used in single-file exports#

  • Which menu?: Create full export note
  • What to select?: A Zotero item.

Single-file menu

Mdnotes Default Template#

For example, you might want to update the template to include an item's metadata:

## Zotero links
## Metadata
{{tags}}, #zotero, #literature-notes, #reference
## My notes

Zotero Note Template#

If you include the {{notes}} placeholder in the Mdnotes Default Template, mdnotes will loop through the Zotero Notes of the selected items and add them one by one using this template.

For single-file exports, you might want to edit your template to look like this:


This template is also used by the Export to markdown menu when you select a Zotero note. If you ever want to export, the changes you make will affect both menus.