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Hidden Preferences

In addition to the ability to add custom placeholders and customize placeholder formatting, there are a few hidden preferences for editor-specific syntax.


A few preferences to use exported files with Obsidian are described below.

Block IDs#

Setting extensions.mdnotes.obsidian.blocks to true will append a block ID to all non-header text blocks of exported Zotero notes, i.e. to each highlight and annotation extracted by Zotfile.


The block ID is using a hash of the block contents, i.e. if you change your format the block won't match any more. I know this is brittle, and I'm not entirely happy with it, so I'm open to suggestions if you have a better idea to make the exported blocks reusable.

Obsidian URI#

Setting extensions.mdnotes.obsidian.attach_obsidian_uri to true will add a link to the Obsidian notes as an attachment to their items, just like with attach linked file preference.

You must specify your vault name in extensions.mdnotes.obsidian.vault. The Obsidian link is then obsidian://open?vault=<vault>&file=<file name>.


This assumes you are using Shortest path for your link format so all file names are unique.