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Custom Formatting

Starting with v0.1.0 it's possible to specify custom formatting and to use templates.

Internal links#

The internal link preference influences how file names and therefore how links look.

  • [[wiki links]] can contain spaces and maintain their case
  • [Markdown links]( are all lower case and spaces are replaced with dashes.

Zotero Note formatting#

Zotero Notes are formatted in HTML. The hidden preferences configures the Joplin turndown styles and additional rules.

To keep some of the elements used in Zotfile's PDF extraction, <font> and <span> tags are currently kept unmodified when translated to Markdown.

Migration from v0.1.3 to v0.2.0

The old dictionary on the extensions.mdnotes.html_to_md is no longer supported. If you need additional rules not included in the new html2md preferences, please open an issue.


With a few exceptions, you can format any placeholder by adding (or modifying) them in the settings. You can reach the hidden preferences menu from Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Config Editor. You can use the search to find existing configurations:

Zotero&#39;s Config editor

Default formatting#

Placeholder format#

By default, placeholder contents are replaced with:

{{bullet}} {{field_name}}: {{field_contents}}


  • {{bullet}} - Defined in extensions.mdnotes.bullet
  • {{field_name}} - The name of the field transformed from camel case into sentence case.
  • {{field_contents}} - The contents of the field as described below.

Field format#

Any placeholder that doesn't have their formatting defined in the hidden preferences has the following defaults:

  • link_style: As defined by the preference of Internal links. Valid values include wiki, markdown and no-links.
  • list_separator: For fields that contain more than one value, the default is , .
  • text_case: How to capitalize the contents of the field: title, sentence, lower or upper case. The default will return the field content in its original case.
  • remove_spaces: If this is set to true spaces will be replaced with dashes.

Adding new formatting rules#

If you want to add custom formatting for any field not currently there, you can add the format for a placeholder with right-click and New > String.

Preference name#

The preference name should be extensions.mdnotes.placeholder.<yourFieldHere>, where yourFieldHere should match a supported Zotero field. Keep in mind that Zotero fields are usually accessed using camel case, and should be (usually) formatted as fieldName, e.g. seriesTitle.

Preference value#

The value of the preference should be enclosed in braces, and defined as key/value pairs, e.g {"key": "value"}.

In addition to the fields described in the default field format, the following options can be specified:

  • content - Formatting the placeholder's content (default placeholder format)
  • field_contents - Formatting the field itself, which defaults to {{content}}


Replacing the field label with custom text and changing the list separator to make a list:

{"content":"{{bullet}} PDF Attachments\n\t- {{field_contents}}", "field_contents": "{{content}}", "list_separator": "\n\t- "}

Making the tags placeholder remove spaces and adding a hash sign before each tag:

{"content":"{{bullet}} Tags: {{field_contents}}", "field_contents": "#{{content}}", "link_style": "no-links", "list_separator": ", ", "remove_spaces": "true"}